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August 18, 1987

Manatee County Sheriff
Case Number:87-08665
Tuesday, August 18th 1987
Victim:  Sam Belluccio
Location: Manatee River/400 yards West of I-75 Bridge Ellenton, Florida Suspects: None Synopsis: Victim lived and worked in Tampa. He was found shot and weighted down in the Manatee River near 1-75 @ US 301. This case went back and forth between MCSO and Tampa due to the unclear circumstances about where the homicide actually occurred. No suspects were developed in this case.

August 01, 1980

Manatee County Sheriff
Holmes Beach PD
Friday, August 1st 1980 Kingfish Boat Ramp Murders Dr. Juan Dumois, Eric Dumois age 13, Mark Dumois age 9 and Robert Matzke The Kingfish Ramp Murders. A person approached the Dumois vehicle, pretending to have an injury and asked for a ride. The subject got in the car with the Dumois family and Robert Matzke, then shot and killed all four. Friday, August 01, 1980 Dr. Juan Dumois, Eric Dumois age 13, Mark Dumois age 9 and Robert Matzke On the date of August 1, 1980, five people were shot, four of them fatally in the City of Holmes Beach. This case remains under investigation by the Holmes Beach Police Department. Dr. Juan Dumois, 47, his sons Eric, 13 and Mark, 9, and local resident Robert Matzke, 60, were murdered by an unknown assailant. Dumois’ brother in law, Raymond Barrows, 54, was also shot but survived. Barrows died of natural causes in 1982. On August 1, 1980 at 5:00p.m, Dumois, his sons, and Barrows returned from a fishing trip and loaded their boat at the Kingfish Boat Ramp. After pulling away from the ramp, they were approached by a white male on a bicycle. The subject stated that he had injured his ankle and asked for a ride. He then loaded his bicycle into the boat and got in the back seat of Dumois’ station wagon with the children. Dumois pulled out and proceeded westbound on Manatee Avenue from the ramp. The subject immediately opened fire in the vehicle striking all of the victims in the back of the head with a .22 caliber weapon. The vehicle then jackknifed on the north shoulder of Manatee Avenue just west of the boat ramp. The subject then got out of the vehicle and rode westbound on Manatee Avenue on his bicycle. Matzke, working in his yard at a nearby condominium, observed what had taken place and pursued the subject to the parking lot of a nearby grocery store. Matzke and the subject exchanged words, and he was shot in the head by the subject. Witnesses then observed the subject load his bicycle in a tan colored vehicle at the grocery store and leave eastbound on Manatee Avenue.
WFTS ABC Action News Reporting on 30 year anniversary

October 27, 1978

Manatee County Sheriff
Case Number: 1978-102996
On October 23, 1978 Barbara Jean Robelen was abducted from the 7-11 store at Experimental Farm Rd and US 41 in Palmetto, Fl while she was on-duty working as a store clerk. 

April 21, 1977

Manatee County Sheriff
Case Number:1977-252414
On April 19, 1977 deputies responded to the Albertson's parking lot where they found Harry Wolfe shot, laying on the floorboard of a Gold Chevrolet Pickup Truck.

August 26, 1976

Manatee County Sheriff
Case Number:1976-236644
On August 26, 1976 Sharon Hanna (Shine) was found murdered along a fence line at the Sarasota-Bradenton Airport.  Hanna was found face down and nude.  She was believed to have been wearing a tube top blouse, pants, and a bandana that was in a pile next to the victim.

August 16, 1975

Manatee County Sheriff
Case Number:  1975-214556
Sometime between August 15 and 16, 1975 Mary Spangler Age 70 was found murdered in her condominium located on Flamingo Blvd in Bradenton.

December 12, 1974

Manatee County Sheriff
Case Number:1974-198937
On December 12, 1974 Diane Eva Love Age 33 was standing in the middle of a Christmas tree lot, which was then located at the East end of Montgomery Wards parking lot at Cortez Rd and US 41 in Bradenton, Fl., when she was shot and killed by an unknown assailant. Love was with her husband and 10 year old daughter shopping for a tree when she was killed. 

Child sees mother shot while buying Yule tree

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