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On 11/29/2017 at 0034 hours what appears to be a 2017/2018 Lexus RX350L arrived at a Mobil gas station, located on the south end of Longboat Key, Fl. The two, possibly Hispanic, suspects exited the car and opened the gas pump. After placing a skimming device on the pump, the suspects replaced the security tape with identical security tape, and left the Key southbound at 0035 hours. It appears that the vehicle tag had a clear cover, which does not allow video or tag readers to capture the tag number.

If you can assist please contact Lt. Robert Bourque, Office (941) 316-1973, Cell (941) 650-1951. We have more video if needed.

Doris Carter

Doris Carter

If you can assist please contact Lt. Robert Bourque,  Office (941) 316-1973, Cell (941) 650-1951.


12/16/11 is the last day family and friends have seen or spoken with either Kelly Moriarty or Doris Carter. The family of Ms. Carter witnessed the two leave Ms. Carter's residence in Plant City on 12/16/11 in Kelly Moriarty's vehicle. There has been no cell phone or credit/debt card activity since 12/16/11. The vehicle they were last seen in was found abandoned 12/17/11 on SR 62 in Parrish.

Kelly MoriartyDoris Carter
5'5",150 LBS, 40 YOA
5'1",110 LBS, 62 YOA

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Manatee CrimeStoppers Targets Dog Fighting in the New Year

(January 2009) MANATEE COUNTY, FLORIDA - Manatee Crimestoppers is pleased to announce a new initiative aimed at reducing and ultimately eliminating organized Dog Fighting & Gambling activites in Manatee County . Anonymous Tips that lead to an arrest or break up of a criminal dog fighting gambling ring are eligible for rewards of up to $5000. A partnership between Manatee Crimestoppers, local Law Enforcement, and local animal rights activists has been formed to address the rising trend of animal fighting for profit in our area. This local initiative was created with encouragement and support from the Humane Society of the United States , which sponsors similar programs throughout the country. Local partners include the Manatee Sheriff’s Office, the Humane Society of Manatee County, other local Law Enforcement agences, as well as other local animal advocacy groups.

"We have been experiencing an increase in tips for several months and although we can’t prove it, we believe the hurting economy has lead to an increase in criminal activity for profit," said Frank Brunner , Crimestopper’s Executive Director." Not only are gambling rings illegal, but the abuse to the animals is also criminal."

CrimeStoppers President Steve Rowland agreed, " We’ve been told that Animal Fighting Gambling rings are a reality in our community, especially Dog Fighting rings. We’re told it’s a serious problem and we hope that this initiative and some meaningful reward monies will draw attention to it and ultimately lead to some arrests."

Denise Deisler, Executive Director of the Manatee County Humane Society applauded the initiative.,"We’re excited to have CrimeStoppers and local law enforcement championing this cause.The program has been successful in several other communities throughout the country."

This local initiative incorporates the Crimestoppers tipsline and rewards system with local law enforcement to apprehend and arrest individuals involved in the animal fighting rings. Local animal advocacy groups are assisting with community awareness and promotion of the program as well as with the care, rehabilitation and adoption or placement of animals rescued from the animal fighting rings.

People with information regarding Dog Fighting gambling rings in Manatee County are asked to call the Toll Free Anonymous Tips Line at 866-634-TIPS (8477) or log onto to provide an anonymous electronic tip. Tips that lead to an arrest are eligible for a reward of up to $5000. Manatee Crimestoppers operates a 24 hour anonymous tips and reward system. People with information about any criminal activity, unsolved crimes or wanted persons are asked to call the tips line. Tips leading to arrests are eligible for rewards up to $1000.

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Inmate tipster donates reward to local charities

(June 29, 2008) MANATEE COUNTY -Courage and charity have come from an unlikely place in the wake of violence in Manatee County , according to a local crime fighting organization. An inmate in the Florida prison system has decided to donate reward money he received for putting a convicted killer behind bars to a local agency fighting domestic violence and two local children's groups.

The inmate, scheduled to be released from prison this fall, became eligible for a $3,000 reward when his anonymous tip and testimony in court led to a conviction in the murder of Ingrid Lugo, 34, found strangled in a retention pond in 2004. But the inmate refused his reward, telling two local agencies that offer rewards for tips on crime to donate his reward to charity. So Manatee County Crimestoppers and Manatee Gold Star Club have done just that, selecting three local groups to receive the money.

On Friday, Hope Family Services, an agency that assists victims of domestic violence, received $1,000 in Lugo 's name, and Manatee Girl Scout and Boy Scout groups also received $1,000 each. "It was definitely unexpected," said Manatee County Crimestoppers Executive Director Frank Brunner . "When we told him of the reward he said he didn't want it. He told us he was just doing what was right."

In November, Manatee County sheriff's deputies arrested Brian Curry, 37, in Lugo 's death, a case that had gone unsolved for nearly three years. A program spearheaded by the Florida Association of Crime Stoppers, along with state law enforcement agencies, had paid off. One of 100,000 decks of playing cards with information on cold case murders from across Florida, put in the hands of more than 90,000 prison inmates, ended up being read by an inmate who had heard Curry talking about killing Lugo, his ex-girlfriend.

The inmate called the Crimestoppers anonymous tip line and later testified in court. After a jury found Curry guilty of murder, a judge sentenced him to life in prison. Crimestoppers officials say the hope is the inmate's acts will encourage others to come forward with information on crime, as well as comfort Lugo 's family. "There is nothing that could replace the tragic taking of Ms. Lugo's life in the hearts of her family and friends," Crimestoppers President Steve Rowland said. "However, we hope they can take comfort in the good resulting from the donations these worthy organizations have received."

Fugitive, Manatee Bus Stop Kidnapping Arrested

Suspect: Vicente Ignacio Beltran-Moreno

The man wanted by authorities in connection with the abduction of a 13-year-old Florida boy was taken into custody Wednesday in Texas, the Manatee County Sheriff's Department said.

Vicente Ignacio Beltran-Moreno, 22, turned himself over to U.S. authorities after walking across the U.S.-Mexico border at the Hidalgo County crossing, Maj. Connie Shingledecker said at a news conference.

Beltran-Moreno had fled to Sinaloa state on Mexico's Pacific coast soon after the February 23 abduction of Clay Moore, 13, Shingledecker said.

The suspect was with relatives in his native Mexico, and authorities persuaded him to turn himself in Wednesday in Texas through a series of daily phone calls, Shingledecker said.  Source: CNN

   Haunting face cards

Images of unsolved murder victims on playing cards may generate tips from jail

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4th Annual Halloween Safe Kids Night

Crime Stoppers of Manatee County would like to thank all of the participants and sponsors of this year's Safe Kids Night. The event was once again a big success and a great time was had by all. Crime Stoppers of Manatee County looks forward to the five year anniversary of the event! See you next year.

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Crime Stoppers of Manatee County Seeks New Members

April 1, 2014

Manatee County, Florida – Crime Stoppers of Manatee County is seeking law abiding and civic minded citizens to join their organization. CrimeStoppers is a local, non-profit 501c3 law enforcement support organization. The local chapter is affiliated with the Florida Association of Crimestoppers as well as Crimestoppers International and meets monthly for lunch at the Bradenton Country Club. Crime Stoppers of Manatee County assists local law enforcement by offering rewards for anonymous tips that lead to arrests. Crimestoppers operates a 24 hour anonymous tips line for citizens to call in information about criminal activity or wanted persons. Tips that lead to arrests are eligible for up to $1000. To become a member of Crime Stoppers, an individual must attend 3 consecutive monthly meetings and agree to volunteer to work community events and participate in our public awareness efforts. For more information on how to become a part of CrimeStoppers, please contact Frank Brunner at 792-2732.


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